Feb. 1st, 2010


Feb. 1st, 2010 09:00 pm

(Two characters enter the kitchen, A is discussing what a third character said. B starts looking around)

B:There are no spoons

A: oh,yeah,you're right, reality is what we make of it,I know and I shouldn't obsess over this...oh,and the quote is "there is no spoon"

B:(points to drawer and sink area) No,I mean, there are no spoons, how the hell am I supposed to eat my ice cream?

A: oh. I think there are some plastic ones on the last drawer.


Ever had a random scene pop  in your head? it happens to me all the time.

the above just showed up when I went to get ice cream. I couldn't find a spoon and I though of the matrix and then I thought this was a literal moment and how someone,on the right frame of mind, could be reminded of the matrix quote as well. it's kind of a 'not actually the ultimate question' moment.

I often find myself thinking about some background for the moments and sometimes they grow into a short story. but not always, sometimes they are just stuck as fleeting moments in someone's life.


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