Feb. 26th, 2010


Feb. 26th, 2010 04:24 am
so who's watching this show?
I'm really loving it, it's strange and exciting and nothing like bsg
. bsg was fast, confusing,scary,urgent,etc,etc.
this is different. it's more thoughtful,more slow,sometimes darker and more dramatic and well, fairly angsty,they share that. and it also has this great menace, this shadow hanging over its head which makes you look at everything in a different light.

it's not a show for everyone. it's not flashy,it doesn't have epic space battles or explosions or any of those things people seem to think belong in sci-fi these days, instead, it has interesting,conflicted,deeply-flawed characters that you can care forever, a married couple that really do seem to love one another which we all know it's very rare, it asks complicated questions about religion about the human soul, about existence about family about humanity about relationships, and it intends to explore them.
it mixes all these questions with a family drama, with two families dealing with grief in their own way and with teenagers feeling lost and living in a morally-corrupt world keeping huge secrets from everyone.it's regular teen angst plus survivor's guilt.

I've been reading Caprica's recaps at TWOP they're written by Jacob, the same guy who wrote the Doctor Who recaps.
They're very very very very very good. they're engaging and interesting and so very thoughtful, he doesn't so much tell you what happened but his interpretation of it. they're the best recaps ever in my opinion. they're not funny like some or mean like others (House's come to mind) or mocking, they're just really interesting.
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I remember last summer I went to Pucon and I took my computer but the wifi wasn't working and my phone was out of money so I couldn't even tweet. It was like 4 or 5 days, when I got back I had several messages wondering where I was, what had happened.

so it didn't take very long for me to suffer withdrawal pains.
it's one thing if I choose to unplug but havin it forced is quite different.

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