Mar. 22nd, 2010

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Well, when the earthquake struck, I left in a hurry and wasn't sure if the building would continue to stand. the first thing that came to mind was to grab Pablito, my doll. then I grabbed my copy of Pride and Prejudice.
I barely grabbed clothes and didn't think to take a toothbrush or my netbook or even my camera. I had my phone only cause I was holding it at the time and just put it on my pocket. I think it was mostly shock,I wasn't thinking straight,I was scared and wanted things that made me feel better, hence the doll I've had for ages and my favourite book.

Now, in the even of leaving with a clear(er) head, I don't think I'd take Pablito. I'd give him to someone, someone who'd appreciate him, and would keep him safe. I mean,I would take him if I'm running out but if I'm say,leaving the city for who know what or where, I don't think I'd take him.

I suppose I'd take my netbook and my ipod and my phone , I want to buy a solar charger just in case.
and a couple of books (good omens would definitely be amoung them as well as p&p and neverhwhere and salinger)and a pen and a notebook and matches and a knife and a few clothes,like tees and socks and panties and my toothbrush and my camera. I don't know if the digital or the 35mm one.
The digital can run out of battery/space quickly but the analog while the batteries last long, I'd need film and the items for developing. (a polaroid would be better.)

I suppose some food would be good,too. oh and a towel! must take a towel, you always have to know where your tower is. and a torch,too. very useful.

but in a hurried,frantic last ten minutes who knows what I'd actually pick. I might end up with nothing or with a bag of useless crap.

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