Sep. 15th, 2010

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I've helped people who needed help. gave someone change to buy a drink,helped people in store confused over electronics. helped a girl I met in a chip shop with her drunk,passed out friend.put them in taxi,gave them money for the fare. give food to someone who was hungry.

I was reading the answers and most were people saying they'd done simple nice things.
One caught my attention cause she said the nicest thing she'd done is pray. and then went on a tirade how the best thing you can ever do is was tl;dr, so I didn't finish, but I skimmed and I think I got the gist.

and I must say, that is bullshit. praying is not the nicest thing you can do for someone. if you find someone on the street freezing, what will you do? pray so the weather will change? pray that someone will come along and help them?(hint: you are that person) there is a story, a parabole,I guess, that talks of this devout man whose town is flooding. he prays for help. three different people offer him help, offer to help him, but he refuses,saying God will save him. he dies, and he asks God "why didn't you save me?" and He responds "What's wrong with you? I sent you a boat,a helicopter, why didn't you save yourself?"

God isn't going to miraculously intercede in your life. a lot of people seem to think He is going to come down from the sky and make everything alright. that's not how it works.
this is your life.your planet. if you don't help make it better,no one will.

I really hate people who complain but do nothing to help. who say it's the goverment's responsability. or religious types who think God will sort it out.

the goverment can only do so much. God won't sort anything out. free will,remember?
(well, He might. remember sodoma and gomorra? remember the great flood? game over)

I don't have anything against religion or religious people per-se, but I don't like to see you cowering behind your faith.
pray all you like, pray for strength, for bravery, for justice, for faith.
but remember, they won't be handed to you in a silver platter. you don't get strength, you get opportunities to be strong. and if you are, you'll be surprised at what you can do.

this rant was brought to you by lj's question of the day.
(also, I finished good omens last night)

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