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Rory and alex were climbing a tree, which wasn't the best idea since they'd
already had a few beers but Rory had made a comment betting she was better
than Alex to which she took offence and insisted on a challenge.

Rory was winning, teasing Alex about her superiority.
Alex was going after Rory,she was climbing quicker, telling her to wait and
managed to grasp her for a sec before tripping and grabbing onto
her,causing them both to faĺl. It happened too fast to even scream.

They landed on a heap of leaves, out of breath but intact.

"Are we alive?" asked Alex
Rory laughed. After a bit, so did Alex.
They laughed until their nerves died away.
Rory took a deep breath and moved to give Alex a quick kiss on the lips.
She laid back down and took a deep breath.
"Wasn't that something?" commented Alex
Rory laughed again "remind me to thank the gardener" Alex laughed,too. She
moved closer, looked at Alex and down at her lips and asked "again?"
In that moment it started to pour.

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