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the most wonderful moment

I was watching a tv series,which I won’t say which but if you’ve seen the episode you’ll know,  and it’s freezing in the show and in here so it seems fitting. a couple is playing basketball. she wants him to take her back, he isn’t sure.  

she loses the game, walks off and then comes back and starts a speech,almost a rant. I’m sucker of this sort of thing when it’s well-written, it must be a ttrope but I don’t know the name, anyway she starts saying how life is rigged, how it isn’t fair, how she went off to a war and  and then came back crazy  and she how she was trying to put her life back together, her marriage back together when he showed up and well, ruined everything. well, not exactly ruined,just made everything a lot more complicated. she may not have been happy before, but at least there was a semblance of sense, of some kind of order and since he showed up it’s been dramatic and messy. and she misses simplicity and she misses those days in the middle of the war, that one time they had a few days of peace and calm and were together and were happy, and she misses him cause he made her happy and it’s that simple, her life is a mess and she was trying to fix it and then he came back and now he doesn’t want to be with her and it’s not fair for him to be there so close cause he made her happy and now he’s not doing that anymore…

and well, then they kiss and the episode ends. 

I like how she says,in the middle of her very long rant, that she misses him,that she loves him, and that he makes her happy. it’s a very simple statement. it’s not a complicated way of explaining why they’re perfect together, why they should be together and it’s also selfish, like she is often accussed of being. she’s mad at him for not wanting to be with her, and doesn’t care that she’s treated him like crap so far and that’s the reason he’s wary. 

I like how she reduces life to something so simple. about finding the person that makes you happy and fighting like hell for them. Life’s never simple, and especially not when it comes to affairs of the heart. but sometimes you find a way to see it that makes it simple.  

it reminded me of Perks, when Charlie writes “I think you understand what it means to be alive, because other people look to you for strength  and advice and it’s that simple” Charlie wants,needs to know that other people don’t sleep with random people at parties even if they could have and this friend seem to be that and that simple statement makes this statement a good person, someone to look up to.

speaking of romantic entanglements, even if you do find the right  person, very often there’s problems to conquer and even personal issues that stand in the way. there’s plenty of books and movies and tv shows about it. some good,some not so much. and if you do manage to get together there’s a whole ordeal of issues waiting. not so many stories about what happens after they get together,though.

but in this episode, for a few minutes, none of that matters. there’s no hospital,no war, no ptsd, no significant others,no families or ex-husbands,etc,etc,. there’s just a girl telling a boy she loves him and him responding in kind. the world will come down on them tomorrow or on a few minutes or on the next episode. but now none of that matters. in this moment they’re happy. perhaps happier than they’ve ever been. after waiting for this moment for months.

and this is the moment that you wait for your entire life, that one more of pure joy and relief, it’s the one that makes all that comes before it worth it. all the drama and the fights. the moment that years later will still make you smile cause no matter what happens that one perfect moment will live on forever. your relationship may go sour and end up in bitterness and for a while you’ll be mad but one day you’ll realize you’re not mad  anymore and be able to smile because it happened one more. 

THis moment caught my attention cause I don’t think I have seen one in my while on television, a perfect moment, the best kind of hope spot, where it doesn’t look as if everything’s alright, where everything actually is alright. perfect, even.

they happen rarely in life and sometimes seem ever rarer in television,which relies so often in drama, and they should be celebrated, cause sadly, sometimes your only source of happines can be the lives of fictional characters and if that’s the case, then I hope at least they’re not the people on lost or a show that loves to torture its characters and by extension the viewer.

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