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I like when I read a book and I find that I agree with what the book says even though I’ve never read it or anything similar before.
It’s happened with quite a few books, like with ‘the perks of being a wallflower’ but I particularly enjoy it when it is some kind of philosophy book or something else.
like with david hurn’s on being a photographer, I liked that I agreed with what it said, and I found its advice most useful. it felt as a way of validation, someone saying that I’ve been doing something right and that is always good. I’ve also felt with way while reading ‘letters to a young poet’ by rainer maria rilke , It’s good to find that something that’s crossed your head has crossed someone else’s. but it’s also good when it hasn’t.when they have thought of a problem or a situation one way and you realise you’ve somehow managed to come across a new solution.

since I wrote this,I have to add Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch, cause it's all kinds of awesome. it tells his experience with football but it's not really about that. it's about fandom and if you take part in it at all, I am sure you'll find yourself nodding in agreement.

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