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So, s5 has come and gone. I have been told a billion times to wait til the end of the season to judge.
and I must say, I am disappointed.

season-long story arcs are so named cause they last a season. you pose questions,dilemmas,etc throughout the season and resolve them in the finale.
you don't just press the bloody reset button and start again. you don't spend half an hour pretending the protagonist is going to die when we all know it's not going to happen.
it's a cheap ploy.
you've written for tv before so you should know this. you need more episodes to resolve it all? go to the states then.

It was a nice episode. it was fun, worrying, entertaining, sweet and a bunch of other positive adjectives.

it wasn't a resolution. we got no answers. why doesn't amy's life make sense? "the crack did it" isn't an answer. neither is "wibbly-wobley".
why did the TARDIS explode? nobody knows, it just did. the TARDIS exploded just becuase it was supposed to!
amy's house is too big. amy's house was at least three floors inside and only two from outside.

I don't mind a billion questions. but I NEED answers. not all of them, just enough to keep me going. the finale was supposed to resolve at least some questions. some plot threads. it resolved nothing. NOTHING! is Amy any different now? is her life different cause she grew up with both her parents? did anybody else come back? if she now remembers the Doctor, does she remember her previous life? alll the finale did was make up more questions and apparently more alternate realities.
I hate that, it is so frustating. I have like three pages of theories and questions, none of which were answered. always "spoilers" or "you'll find out soon enough" or "everything is about to change" which just gets annoying!

I love Matt and Karen. I love Eleven,Amy and Rory. but I AM SO FRUSTATED WITH CANON RIGHT NOW.

I miss Ten. and RTD, he treated us better.

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