Because I am probably crazy, I decided to take a look into the torchwood fandom.
and, I must say, there are some fucked up people there.

I know they are hurt and upset. I know because Doomsday ripped my heart into shreds and I imagine they feel something similar.
and I understand them in their comm wishing for reset button, wishing that it was all a dream, hell,even saying that RTD's running away. crossing the line a bit, but ok, it's their comm.

What I don't understand at all is the people on twitter abusing @jamesmoran, posting spoilers and saying things like "I HATE RUSSELL T DAVIES"

thing is, It's ok being upset, and being a crazy fan. well, it's not ok, but I mean, there are worse things. I just don't understand why they must do it publicly.

bad things always happen.
and one thing I believe is, don't attack the writers.
don't let them see how crazy you are, how crazy we all are.
fandom is supposed to be fun. and it is supposed to be about fans connecting with one another.
and most of the time someone from TPTB gets involved,things don't end well.
being involved in fandom means at some point you may,nay,will get your heartbroken.
it doesn't mean you get to blame TPTB. you decided to get involved, you should've known what could happen.

writers get abused, actors are stalked and end up getting boxes of sex toys, their significants others treated like crap, and what for? cause someone got their feelings hurt? if you can't deal with it, get the fuck out of fandom.

grow up.

Yes, it's your favorite show/movie/book/band/game/etc
it does not entitle you to anything

I'm a Doctor/Rose shipper. Sadly, this side has had a few batshit fans.
people bashing Martha or Donna, and worse,people bashing Sophia or Georgia or Lawrence.
and as a result, the whole of D/R fans were/are seen as crazy.
I don't have anything against RPF, but the moment you start losing sight of the difference between fiction and real life, you have a problem and you need to step back.
The Doctor and Rose are one couple, David and Billie a completely different one.
and yeah, I like (and ship) both of them. but you have to set boundaries.

like no bashing of SO's.
no bashing of the writers of the show.
especially not in their blogs or twitters cause all it achieves is making us all look crazier, and worse, dangerous and scary and then no one will want to come near us.

write a billion fix-it fics. plot revenge if you want. but at least do it in your blog or journal and hopefully under friends-lock.

learn to keep a distance is all I'm saying. learn to deal with unpleasant events in a more mature way than shouting at whoever's near.

I love fandom, but stuff like this scare me and also scare that our toys are gonna be taken away.

Update [18:38]:


Mar. 10th, 2009 03:47 pm
I turned 23 today. wow, I'm old.

I wanna say happy birthday to Remus Lupin, meryttax and samincittagazze's nephew Harry.

and thank to those who've said Happy Birthday to me!

On a final note, GO VOTE FOR TEN!!!! I have gifts.

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