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This won't make sense to most people,I think.
there was once this comm [ profile] langford_u which is essentially an open AU of the stargate verse, where the entire cast works or studies at Langford University. last time I checked it was kind of dead. I started writing this fic about a billion christmases ago and I think some of it was lost cause I'm sure I had more, but since it's really old, I figure between computers it got lost.

title: Langford Christmas
fandom: the langford u of stargate verse
characters: about a billion, from atlantis and sg1
spoilers: just the regular verse
summary: it's christmas time! and this means traditions and worry for everyone

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Title: running out of hope
Characters: House, his team, a patient and his family (OCs), an Expanded Character from the s4 premiere, it has some HOuse/Thirteen
Rating: not sure, pg-13 just in case?
Spoilers: It's set just after the new team was chosen.
Summary: The new team has a new case and Wilson and Cuddy a plan.

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title: legends from earth-that-was
rating:pg-13,I guess
characters: everyone from the show
summary: the crew take their ease and tell tales

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Title: 10 things to do before the end comes
fandom:doctor who
characters:the Doctor
spoilers:none really
rating: pg-13
summary:well, it's kinda obvious from the title,isn't it?

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Title: Explaining you
Rating: safe for work,I guess. no cuss,none of that. what comes before pg-13?
Summary:Claire gets over her hate and talks to Topher.

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I decided to take part in Fic Revival Week. I was looking in my folders and found a few,unposted fics.

Title: I only ever saved it as 'Topher's birthday fic'
Characters: Topher,Claire,Adelle
Rating: it's pretty safe,even kid-safe
Spoilers:Up to "Haunted"
Summary: It's Topher's birthday and he finds he's not completely alone.

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