I absolutely loved this episode. quite possibly the best ever. I only missed Dr.Saunders.
the back story was handled very well, and it was nicely told.
it was a pretty much perfect episode. the writing,the story,the acting,the directing, it was all rather brilliant.
I've seen some other episodes Frakes has directed and he is very talented and I'd love to see him direct Dollhouse again.

spoilers,of course )
Loved the new primeval. made me cry in some bits.

It made me realise I'm rather low on shows to watch and obsess over.
That are still still airing and not on hiatus or have ended

TSCC has just ended (its season hopefully)
BSG ended,so has Pushing Daisies (well,technically there is a couple episodes left)
Doctor Who is on hiatus. so is Torchwood.

Basically,I'm watching Dollhouse,Castle and Primeval.
Well,there is also HIMYM and TBBT.
but these too seem on the verge on ending. same with Bones.
House is also nearly over and it's not as good as it once once.
Life is over (hopefully also for the season)

Caprica hasn't even started yet.

I'm not that into Criminal Minds, Fringe, Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice - I haven't caught up on those,I'm several eps behind but they're not so important.

I like Kings but it's not that great and it's been cancelled too.

CSI is fun but mostly on Lower Deck episodes, like the latest one with Wendy and Hodges and AstroQuest.

I tried watching Robin Hood 301 and it kinda bored me a bit, so I'll wait before continuing.

CSI NY I like but it's also nearly over.

And while I do have a billion shows to watch, it's fun when a show it's airing to see what other people think, read their posts an tweets and all the discussion.

What else is on? 30 rock, though I don't love it as much. My boys,which is fun and all but not worth obsessing over.
Better off ted is also pretty fun, though I'm not exactly head over heels for it.
It's been a while since I've watched Chuck and I  was never a big fan to begin with

Burn Notice doesn't come back for a while

Dexter is another show I haven't caught up on.maybe I should.

Greek's been pretty fun but not OMGAWESOME

There's a lot of things on TV,sure, but so few are are BRILLIANT. that make me go crazy obsessive and writing fic and meta and making vids or whatever.

Most seemto be of the kinds one watches, comment about a few things and then forget about.
and that's kinda boring.
I like shows that I can obsess over.
I know neither Castle nor Dollhouse or Primeval are perfect.
I'm not looking for perfection. Just something that excites me, with characters I care about so I can ignore any plotholes or look for alternative explanations.
I like shows that frak with my head and my heart.

Next on my to-watch list:
-Star Trek TOS season 3
-Dexter season 3
-Band of Brothers
-Teachers s3 (must download first)

Now, about TV I've watched lately: Spoilers for Bones,Primeval, Pushing Daisies and Castle )

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It is all kinds of awesome.Absolutely brilliant. I love Joss and everything he's done, and I expected this to be amazing and fantastic and yet it has managed to blow my mind!

It is so well done. NPH is amazing.The costume, the evil laugh, his whole personality is great. And the songs!!! Oh, the songs!!! They are fantastic!

'Laundry Day' is my favourite,I must say.

Laundry Day
see you there
underthings tumbling
wanna say love your hair
here i go
with my freeze ray i will stop the world
with tmy freeze ray i will find the timeto find the words
to tell you how you make me feel
whats the phrase
like a fool
kinda sick
special needs
with my freeze ray i will stop the pain
its not a death ray or an ice beam that is so johnny snow
i just think you need time to know that i am the guy
to make you feel the feelings you don't dare to feel
we'll bend the world to our will
and we'll make time stand still

thats the plan
rule the world
you and me
love your hair

with my freeze rain i will stop...

Nathan Fillion is also amazing as a very annoying 'superhero'
and Felicia Day does a wonderful job as a nice,understated heroine who also wants to heal the world.
I enjoyed Penny's song as well, 'Lend a caring hand',It reminded me a bit of Tara's 'Under your spell', but I liked it more.

I can't wait to see the next part. And I'm hoping It'll be watchable inmediately. yesterday,or well,today, I ended up going to bed at 6am.

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