So intense, I was biting my nails and yelling at the tv.
that's fairly normal but I felt tense, chills down my spine, goosebumps, jumpy, all of that.
I love the ambient this show creates, making you tense the entire time you're watching and wishing it would never end.

do I really need to warn for spoilers? It's an episode review after all )

Have I mentioned how much I love the music in Caprica? it is amazing. Bear does such an amazing job of it. when "Was Love" came out, I spent like two weeks listening to it non-stop.

I hate that it's been such a short time and that it'll be so long before there's new episodes.

Thankfully, Doctor Who and Ashes to Ashes come back next week.
Caprica has been great in helping during the long Doctor-less months and now Doctor Who will help with the Caprica hiatus.
btw, how the hell with people cope without the Doctor for all that time he was off-screen since it ended until Rusty brought it back?
I'm still not particularly optimistic for Eleven but I've come to realize I don't like the idea of a life without The Doctor. and I think that's why haters continue to watch. I do hope I don't become one of those though. I'd hate that.

NOw I have a Doctor Who rewatch to finish, a Ashes to Ashes one and a Caprica one to do.

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