I just finished watching the new pushing daisies.
it was adorable, as always. even extra adorable today,what with the wonderfalls crossover,the bed-sharing and everything and I just don't understand how can it be cancelled.

A lot of shows I love have been cancelled. hell,just look at firefly, it's a prime example.
but firefly, while awesome,was a genre show. it's about space cowboys, it's a hard to sell show. but pushing daisies? PD is adorable. it's full of love and positivity and I love that.
it's the show you watch when you need to be cheered up. it's a show you can't helpt but squee to.  It's a show you might not get or understand but it's not one you can hate,
it's too cute for that.  it's chocolate cake covered in chocolarte with chocolate frosting,.
it's extra sweet  and absolutely delicious.
and it's not the kind that makes you sick after a couple of bites but something you can overdose on and the worse consequence it's feeling happy and cheery and witty.

You turn on the news and you see death and violence and crime and lies. you see cynicism,hypocrisy,and hate
the world seems bleak,grey often boring and sad.

PD is the antidote to all that. there more shows portraying a shinier outlook on life.
I love watching PD cause I end up feeling all warm and fuzzy.
and who doesn't want to feel like that?
it's like playing with a kitten. or watching the puppy cam. or having a long bath,listening to music and reading your favourite book.

It's hard to believe there's so much cuteness and adorableness condensed into 40 mts but it's true, every episode is a dose of happiness.

like the best moments of Fear Her,but amplified.

and not to mention PD's many,many other atributes.
the witty lines
the retro 50's universe
Ned's smiles.
Chuck's clothes. and smiles,too
Ned and Chuck
Olive singing

do I need to go on?
just check the tvtropes page

for all of this and more, Pushing Daisies is exactly the kind of show that needs to be on the air.

and it's cancelled. for a lot useless,stupid,bleak, content-less, crap!

I really love this show and I don't wanna see it go
don't take my happy away!!

For the last...how long has it been, 5 years? I've answered to the "which show would you bring back?" question with one answer: firefly.
these days, it's firefly and pushing daisies. and if I had to choose  just one, I would have to think for a very long time.

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