cuase i think my cat got zombified
it came in here mowling and tried to attack me.
when i moved, my phone fell out, it started to sing and the cat fell sleep.
i know, wtf? right. and yeah my phone plays's new.

i hit the cat and threw inside a storage closet and closed the door. hopefully it will starve to death or something

i tried calling my sister but she wouldnt pick up.
i emailed her too,
no answer.

i did get a text msg from a couple of my friends, theyre ok
but most people, the greater part of my family is MIA.

i got loads of food, everything's locked and barricated, so dont even think about it, you gorram zombies!
there's something going on.
there aren't many people on the streets, and those that are seem to be acting strange...i managed to get home ok, after a few scares, and at home everyone seems ok.

lights are out someplaces. there were out downtown for a while but they came back.

everynow and then i've heard odd noises... some screams, some helicopters... and some other weird things

i saw a friend on the street bu he didnt recognize me, not even when i yelled his name... he looked like in trance...

apparently theres similar situations all over the globe, some people have seen the undead but i havent seen anything... maybe theyve just ignored this little country for the moment...

i think it may be the end of the world

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