Apr. 1st, 2010

I downloaded the new bones episodes and I was half-asleep when it finished but I decided to watch right away.
and in the pre-credits sequence, an earthquake hits DC. I'm watching this at 2am, with the lights out and suddenly the fraking screen shakes. for a few panicky moments I thought it was another aftershock, then I realized it wasn't real. still, it scared me.

I took a few moments to calm myself and kept watching. it doesn't really play much into the plot of the episode and it's barely even mentioned. the episode was good, very shippy and engaging and yet...

all I can think is why aren't they scared? calling their families? going home to see what happened? watching the news? discussing the magnitude??
how they can just carry on?
they don't seem traumatized, they won't be afraid to go to sleep at night, they seem fine.

it's stupid but it seems unrealistic. dc rarely gets any kind of tremor. they should be a bit worried, a bit scared,nervous.
but it's like nothing happened. and I'm not sure if I'm grateful of them carrying on
or if I want them to deal with the aftermath.

still, they're too normal. the earthquake looked strong and produced chaos. they should all be
worried not just sweets and he's just concerned cause someone died.
barely any hurts? no structural damage in a zone where they rarely get any tremors and mustn't
have very strict building codes?
seems unrealistic.

damn quake, ruining my tv.

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