I'm feeling very depressed now.
it's just hitting me that ashes to ashes is over, for ever. and I feel like I've been processing since friday. and while I loved the ending, it was sad as hell.

you'll always be the guv )
OK,THAT WAS BRILLIANT. I was nervous the entire ep and I couldn’t guess the killer and it was awesome and heartbreaking but…Richard Castle, I need a word with you

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THis last episode of doctor who was really strange.I'm not even entirely sure I liked it.

doctor who fucks with my brain )
I just finished watching Stargate Universe's “Faith”
I really liked it. I'm not a big fan of the show but this episode was nearly perfection as far as this show goes.

The basic premise of the show, if you've never heard of it, or don't watch it is this: a ragtag bunch of misfits trapped in a Ancient spaceship adrift in space, with no way to get home. There's the usual problems of lack supplies and constant tension between the Military and Civilian factions.

This episode's premise i simple s: they've just found a planet that shouldn't be there and the ship will spend nearly a month orbiting the sun so a group decides to go down and stay there for the month.

some spoilers, mgetting more specific near the end )
I just saw BOnes!
(and dad had the oh-so-bright idea of interrumpting in the middle of an important scene for something that could've waited!)

it was such a brilliant episode!

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I downloaded the new bones episodes and I was half-asleep when it finished but I decided to watch right away.
and in the pre-credits sequence, an earthquake hits DC. I'm watching this at 2am, with the lights out and suddenly the fraking screen shakes. for a few panicky moments I thought it was another aftershock, then I realized it wasn't real. still, it scared me.

I took a few moments to calm myself and kept watching. it doesn't really play much into the plot of the episode and it's barely even mentioned. the episode was good, very shippy and engaging and yet...

all I can think is why aren't they scared? calling their families? going home to see what happened? watching the news? discussing the magnitude??
how they can just carry on?
they don't seem traumatized, they won't be afraid to go to sleep at night, they seem fine.

it's stupid but it seems unrealistic. dc rarely gets any kind of tremor. they should be a bit worried, a bit scared,nervous.
but it's like nothing happened. and I'm not sure if I'm grateful of them carrying on
or if I want them to deal with the aftermath.

still, they're too normal. the earthquake looked strong and produced chaos. they should all be
worried not just sweets and he's just concerned cause someone died.
barely any hurts? no structural damage in a zone where they rarely get any tremors and mustn't
have very strict building codes?
seems unrealistic.

damn quake, ruining my tv.
So intense, I was biting my nails and yelling at the tv.
that's fairly normal but I felt tense, chills down my spine, goosebumps, jumpy, all of that.
I love the ambient this show creates, making you tense the entire time you're watching and wishing it would never end.

do I really need to warn for spoilers? It's an episode review after all )

Have I mentioned how much I love the music in Caprica? it is amazing. Bear does such an amazing job of it. when "Was Love" came out, I spent like two weeks listening to it non-stop.

I hate that it's been such a short time and that it'll be so long before there's new episodes.

Thankfully, Doctor Who and Ashes to Ashes come back next week.
Caprica has been great in helping during the long Doctor-less months and now Doctor Who will help with the Caprica hiatus.
btw, how the hell with people cope without the Doctor for all that time he was off-screen since it ended until Rusty brought it back?
I'm still not particularly optimistic for Eleven but I've come to realize I don't like the idea of a life without The Doctor. and I think that's why haters continue to watch. I do hope I don't become one of those though. I'd hate that.

NOw I have a Doctor Who rewatch to finish, a Ashes to Ashes one and a Caprica one to do.


Jul. 10th, 2009 08:40 pm
At the beginning of the week, I wasn't even sure if I was gonna watch Torchwood, but when I got home I got an email from the box saying the torrent was up so I decided to give it a chance.

and the episode was good enough to keep me watching all week.

torchwood:children of the earth )
Today I saw Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Doctor Who and Primeval.
It's weird/sad to say that Doctor Who was the least exciting of them all.

Spoilers abound!! )

sorry about the failed cut. stupid scribefire.
I was just watching Life. I love this show. it's so good. It's very different from...well,everything else on TV. Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi are fantastic.

spoilers about 'One' )
I just watched the BSG finale.
I'm still processing.
I did like it. a lot.
it was brilliant.
it answered most of my questions and in many ways, it was what I expected, but not exactly.
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